Cufflinks Say “I’m Worth It”

Everyone owns a suit. Only the rich own good cufflinks.

The sparkle at your ulna can really make the difference in how you’re perceived. Upscale clothing accessories are generally accepted necessities if you want to make it in the business big leagues. Cufflinks say “I’m serious about being professional” and “I’m worth it.”

Let’s bring this back to what matters to you — “what do cufflinks have to do with increasing my sales?” In your business market, I’m sure there are plenty of competitors that are doing the expected activities — quality control, efficiency management, social media marketing, yada yada. They’re all fighting for sales using the same techniques and offering the same things. To customers, everyone owns a suit. If that’s the case, you have the opportunity to offer something different that says “I’m worth it.”

What are the cufflinks of your industry to customers? What makes you sparkle in the midst of all the other brands?

For more of what we have to say on positioning your brand away from the competitive crowd, see another post entitled “Much Ado About No-Bling.”

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