Seth Mueller

Seth Mueller PicHi, my name is Seth Mueller. I’m a strategist. I believe the world is best viewed in the present, adjusted for the past and optimized for the future. My life is focused on finding best solutions, both individually and collaboratively. However, my pursuit for excellence differs from mainstream due to a trait instilled in me since infancy—the knack and determination to see a situation from others’ perspectives.

More concretely, I’m the principal of Match Consulting, where I focus on igniting client growth through strategic marketing initiatives. Increasing revenue is key. Quick fixes are good, but not as beneficial as proper problem identification, relevant analysis and optimum strategies that address the heart of an issue, not its manifestations.

Over the past few years, I’ve had the opportunity to:

Lead international business development teams in nations across Africa; train international development teams and their leaders to travel the world; fulfill the role as a graduate assistant to the Dean of the College of Business at ORU, who was also the Dean of Distance Education and lead marketing professor at ORU; travel the U.S. in a 4 month promotion and performance of a record album for ORU; work with organizations in cross-disciplinary industries, including foreign agriculture, electrical utilities, design (graphic, photo and video), music, medical, education (primary, secondary and higher), U.S. refugee aide, foreign aide, community development, and other non-profit segments.

This global experience, artistic expression and intellectual assertiveness couples beautifully with my specialized business education, providing a balance of creative innovation and practical application. All of the former encompassed in a worldview dripping with perspective.

If you want to ask me a question directly or would like to connect with me online, the contact page is at your disposal. I’d love to hear from you.

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