Deliver or Die

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I’m a penny-pincher when it comes to home maintenance. So when I ran out of ink for my new printer, I went looking for the best price I could find online. won the bid.

I was ecstatic! There I was, a customer in need — ready to buy. They were offering a great promotion on free shipping and a discount on cartridges if you bought two. The product was the brand name I was looking for. It was the perfect pitch for a price-conscious buyer. And buy, I did.

When I received my shipment two weeks later, I opened the package to find remanufactured cartridges. Ecstasy turned to fury. I purchased a brand name product, and they sent me a generic copy-cat. After two emails and another two weeks, I finally got a customer service response that boiled down to four words: “your fault, not mine.”

As a company, the customer’s satisfaction relies on us. Sure, we might have a great brand promise or a great sales platform, but if we don’t deliver we’re going to lose customers. Hiding the true facts of our product in small font at some obscure location is a snide technique. When we’re found out, customers are more than upset and more than happy to leave us.

We have to make sure that what consumers think we are offering is, in fact, what we are really offering.

Customers’ product assumptions are best fulfilled. Err on the side of surprising the customer, not disappointing them.

Reality is this: Deliver or die.

What have you done to guarantee you deliver your brand promise?

© Seth Mueller 2011. All rights reserved.


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