The Things That Hold Us Back From Greatness

Bowl of Jalapenos

The Allegory

I love eating spicy food.

In fact, I’ll add crushed red pepper, salsa or jalapenos to just about any meal. As a native south Texan and a descendant of New Mexicans, my tastes have always been a little on the hot side. It wasn’t until I met my better-half that I allowed my culinary preferences to broaden. And it was like I found a new world — I was Christopher Columbus landing at North America but thinking he was in India; I was an enlightened individual finding his way out of Plato’s Cave. I thought I was living the good life of perfect flavor, but I had no idea what I was missing until the veil was pulled back from my eyes. Oh, the possibilities.

And now I’m free to discover the wonderful combinations that I never would have dreamed of trying because of my preconceptions. There’s room for exploration and growth.

Finding Greatness

Maybe you have some business preferences of your own. You read the same type of material, use the same methods, and stick with your preferred systems and protocols. It works. Your “this is how we do things here” hasn’t changed much since you conceived it. We all have our habits. But sometimes, we need to taste something new; we need to set our feet somewhere unexpected; we need to breath fresh air — and in that, we’ll find a better way of doing things.

What “jalapenos” of life are standing in the way of your professional success or the growth of your business?

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