Weekly Matchbook – 7 Resources to Ignite Your Business

The Weekly Matchbook

Week of May 13 – May 19

This is a weekly post highlighting a few hand-picked resources that I believe will help boost your business’ performance. Topics are focused around business strategy, marketing and professional development.

This week on the Matchbook:

  • 7 Smart Marketing Links You Can Thank Me For Later…
  • CEOs Need Hard Data on Customer Loyalty
  • What To Do With Employee Survey Results
  • What the Highest Converting Websites Do Differently
  • Entrepreneurs Must Save America
  • When the Product Is the Marketing, and Vice Versa
  • Pricing Strategies for the Downturn

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INSTRUCTIONS: Use the Matchbook to spark ideas; a small set of kindling that can provide the necessary heat to ignite your business endeavors. (All underlined material is actionable. Click to your heart’s content.)

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