Weekly Matchbook – 5 Resources to Ignite Your Business

Week of April 22 – April 28

(This is a weekly post highlighting a few hand-picked resources that I believe will help boost your business’ performance. Topics are focused around business strategy, marketing and professional development.)

A Matchbox

Everyone needs some good advice every once in a while, or a nudge to get them going again. Perhaps some proverbial fire under a stagnant situation. Here’s my periodical nudge, called the “Weekly Matchbook“.

INSTRUCTIONS: Use the Matchbook to spark ideas; a small set of kindling that can provide the necessary heat to ignite your business endeavors. (All underlined material is actionable. Click to your heart’s content.)

Here’s this week’s Matchbook:

1. Why Google Drive Will Beat Dropbox.com (And All Other Consumer Clouds) – by  Seth Mueller

Okay, so yes, I am promoting one of my posts on this week’s Matchbook, but I do it out of love. There is some good meat under the section “Operation: Competitive Advantage.” I’ll be talking some more about competitive advantage in the following weeks, but for now look at your own business to see what your competitive advantage is. Does it meet the 4 criteria?

2. Almost Timely Newsletter – by Christopher S. Penn

This is THE BEST business newsletter that I subscribe to. I share it, not only so that you would potentially become a subscriber (click here to read more about the newsletter and subscribe), but so that you could see an example of an excellently executed and formatted email newsletter. The topics in his newsletter focus on everything from general marketing and social media to SEO and online analytics. (HINT: check out the “premium content” section to see how he acquires more poignant contact information from subscribers by offering highly valuable content to premium subscribers.)

3. What Both MBAs and MFAs Get Wrong About Solving Business Problems – by Melissa Quinn on FastCoDesign.com

An interesting case study on what higher education designers and business professionals most likely lack, and what elements truly sway executive decision-makers to act in your favor.

4. Online Marketing News: Mobile Shows Muscle, Google Panda to Penguin, Google Drive(s) Storage – on TopRankBlog.com

Here’s some great curated content on the internet marketing industry today by Ashley Zeckman on TopRankBlog. (HINT: Please note the section “Selecting Social Networks for Business: Not An Easy Task,” and it’s corresponding article link to InformationWeek.com.)

5. Customers Are People, Too – by Patti Hart on FastCompany.com

Sometimes in big picture, 50,000-ft.-elevation type planning, we can lose focus on the fact that our customers are people. Just regular, ol’ people with the same wants and desires that everyone has; the same problems and concerns as you and I. When we’re able to mix our marketing research and consumer behavior intelligence with empathy, we can truly meet the wants, needs and demands of the market. When you view your customers as individuals, both you and your customers will be happy (and successful).

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