Weekly Matchbook – 22 Items to Ignite Your Business

Week of March 25 – April 21

A Matchbox

For this Weekly Matchbook we’re going to be doing something a little different. If you haven’t noticed, the Matchbook hasn’t been updated in a month… hence the need for an overload of helpful material — 4 weeks worth of valuable, insightful, mind-blowing (or at least mind-augmenting) business tools and resources for your enjoyment. 

Here’s my periodical nudge, called the “Weekly Matchbook“.

INSTRUCTIONS: Use the Matchbook to spark ideas; a small set of kindling that can provide some heat when you need it. (All underlined material is actionable. Click to your heart’s content.)

Here’s 4 weeks worth of Matchbook material: 

I’ve broken down the content into basic categories for easy consumption.


1. What Being Global Really Means

2. Small Businesses Go Old School

3. Own the Data, Own the Future

4. Disruptive Technology and How To Compete For the Future

5. Develop a Strategy the Smart Way (The HBR Daily Management Tip)

6. Grow Your Business: 4 Proven Ways


7. 5 Creative Marketing Concepts That Will Reset Your Thinking

8. 4 Ways to Create Brand Content that People Actually Care About

9. Does Website Design Impact the Bottom-Line?

10. Are CMOs Ready for the Digital Era?

11. How Closed-Loop Marketing Works

12. 5 Ways to Turn Your Website Into a Sales Machine

13. 5 Tips for Effective Content Strategy

14. Optimize — How to Attract and Engage More Customers by Integrating SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing (a book summary)


15. Which Social Network Should You Use — And When? [Infographic]

16. B2B Social Media FAQ: How Much Should We Budget?


17. When It Comes to Successful Networking, Everyone Just Wants to Get Along

18. 10 Mistakes That Cost You Sales Leads at Networking Events


19. Coca-Cola Partners Spotify to Boost Music Association

20. Google Announces New Online Advertising Metrics

21. Tablets Are Becoming an Alternative to TV for Full-Length Content

22. For U.S. Brands, There’s No Middle in China’s Middle Class

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