Weekly Matchbook – 3 Items to Ignite Your Business

Week of March 11 – March 17

A Matchbox

Everyone needs some good advice every once in a while, or a nudge to get them going again. Perhaps some proverbial fire under a stagnant situation. Here’s my periodical nudge, called the “Weekly Matchbook“.

INSTRUCTIONS: Use the Matchbook to spark ideas; a small set of kindling that can provide some heat when you need it. (All underlined material is actionable. Click to your heart’s content.)

Here’s this week’s Matchbook:

1. 7 Places You Need to Publish Content on Your Website (Beyond Your Blog) – by  Corey Eridon on Hubspot.com

From educating your customer to public relations pieces, Hubspot has covered all the necessities of content publications on your website in this blog post.

2. 6 Strategies for Dealing with Uncertainty in Business – by Don Peppers on FastCompany.com

Unsure about your new business initiatives? Worried about the future of your market? Take a step in the right direction and hedge your worries with these 6 best practices.

3. How to Protect Your Brands and Content on the Web – by Jeff Abian on Under30CEO.com

It’s important to know your rights when doing business on the web. Here are a few of the common fraudulent issues and how to address them.

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