Weekly Matchbook – 5 Items to Ignite Your Business

Everyone needs some good advice every once in a while, or a nudge to get them going again. Perhaps some proverbial fire under a stagnant situation. Here’s my periodical nudge, called the “Weekly Matchbook“.

A Matchbox

After seeing some of John Jantsch’s and Christopher S. Penn’s content marketing, I’ve decided to post a weekly shortlist of business tools and/or articles I have found helpful and believe to be of particular interest to you in your business endeavors. All items posted here are recent discoveries from the past week. However, I might sprinkle in some timeless pieces every now and again if I feel they are too good to pass up.

INSTRUCTIONS: Use the Matchbook to spark ideas; a small set of kindling that can provide some heat when you need it.

Here’s this week’s Matchbook:

1. 5 Content Marketing Ideas Worth Stealing – by Jeff Brulas

Ideas #1 and #5 are particularly good. #2 is also worth mentioning.

2. Good Marketing vs. Bad Marketing – by Simon Sinek

A somewhat poetic anthem on marketing by Simon Sinek. Strategy is dripping through it.

3. 5 Online CRM Platforms That Go Beyond Basics – by John Jantsch

A nice shortlist of CRM tools that do things others don’t. Currently trying out Nimble.

4. Bufferapp.com – by Buffer

Excellent social media tool. Here’s how you use it: add social media posts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to Buffer. Buffer then posts for you throughout the day at times when you will receive the most click-throughs. No scheduling required.

5. Learn Google Plus Or Put Your Business At Risk – by Justice Wordlaw IV

There are so many of these musings out on the web, that it’s best not to ignore the chance they might be right (i.e. Chris Brogan’s Google+ for Business). Read this article with a strategic mindset. Read it logically.


4 Comments on “Weekly Matchbook – 5 Items to Ignite Your Business”

  1. Scott McClatchy says:

    Good stuff. Keep it coming.

  2. Thanks for sharing my guest post on Under 30 Ceo.com

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